Chromatography Standards

Custom ion chromatography standards

Your job is to produce results. You shouldn’t have to worry about spending your valuable time making working standards, being concerned over contamination issues of the stock standard or ‘did I make the standards properly.' There are many great providers of stock standards with a wide variety of pricing. Question: how many are chromatographers with years of experience making working standards?

We have a solution for you - allow us the privilege of making your working standards. Our standards are NIST traceable, we deliver fast and we maintain affordability. Save even more by placing a standing order. All working standards are made-to-order, produced with the highest purity material and triple checked for accuracy. We produce our standards by weight for the highest accuracy and reproducibility. Standards are sealed and double packaged to prevent leakage. Our labels are easy to read to minimize error.

You have our Personal Quality Commitment.