Chromatography Products

High-quality chromatography products.

Modern Instrumentation and column technologies.

In an effort to highlight innovative products in a saturated market, Advanced Separations represents leading scientific companies dedicated to the advancement of their respective technologies. Modern instrumentation and column technologies represent the core product offerings.

BISCHOFF Chromatography
Products range from dosing pumps and HPLC instruments to a broad range of chromatography columns and packings used by manufacturers world-wide. BISCHOFF is committed to the use of modern technology in order to supply high quality and long life products that are application and user oriented, while reducing cost and producing reliable results at the same time. Innovative, BISCHOFF is a high tech company which feels a strong obligation to conserve resources, work environmentally-friendly, and reduce waste and pollution dramatically by optimizing separation techniques and miniaturizing instruments.

SYKAM Chromatography
Products range from simple isocratic HPLC pumps to sophisticated detectors, amino acid analyzers, and automation equipment in the field of liquid chromatography. Besides the in-house product line, SYKAM also supplies OEM products, developed and manufactured after the customer's needs. SYKAM delivers over 15 years of experience in HPLC instrument design lead us to be one of the prime HPLC manufacturers worldwide.

WynSep - liquid phase separation techniques
Capillary Electrophoresis (CE), Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Fast LC, micro and nano LC.
WynSep, a privately held company located in France, was created to develop, manufacture and commercialize products in analytical instrumentation. The company is focused on liquid phase separation techniques, including Capillary Electrophoresis (CE), Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Fast LC, micro and nano LC. WynSep completes its offering by the distribution of products and consumables. The Markets include pharmaceutical, environmental, food industries. WYN for "What You Need" means that WynSep is customer oriented, and aims to offer dedicated instruments, following the needs of the users.

Benson Polymeric
Benson Polymeric offers a wide variety of polymeric, carbohydrate, and organic acid columns. All columns are packed with polymeric materials specifically designed to maximize separation needs.

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