Chromatography Columns

High-quality ion chromatography and hplc columns

With years of experience in separation sciences, our technical staff has the expertise to recommend the appropriate column for your matrix, system compatibility and required performance. Our extensive column line offers you the flexibility to choose the right column for optimum performance. Our columns perform equal to or better than many of the ‘brand name’ columns on the market.

Many people elect to use the same column from the same vendor for years because they don’t have the technical support needed to change for better performance, better pricing or better delivery. You now have that level of technical expertise to choose with confidence with ADV/SEP. Separations is our business and we deliver Professional, Personalized support affordably.

One of our premier service products is a methods optimization service to complement your column selection. We can provide the replacement column, the reagent, the standards and even installation and training (at an additional charge) if required.

Our columns are rugged, reliable and offer affordable performance not to mention price performance. We all know columns are expensive so why not make your purchase go further with a column which is more rugged, more reliable and a better performer than most vendor brands for the price.

We offer:
Polymeric HPLC columns with PEEK column bodies
Polymeric IC columns, Anions with PEEK column bodies in a variety of formats and functionalities
Organic Acid columns in a variety of formats
Carbohydrate columns
Amino Acid columns
Silica-based HPLC columns in Stainless Steel bodies
Column protection products to integrate with most column types

For a complete listing of available columns with example chromatograms, part numbers and pricing, please contact us by phone or email. We look forward to being your primary source for analytical columns. You have our Personal Quality Commitment.

Please contact us for other column manufacturers we stock.