Chromatography Parts

High-quality ion chromatography parts

Every chromatography lab needs a reliable source for spare parts. With our years of chromatography experience, we are a reliable source and provide the technical expertise to deliver the recommendations and the right part the first time - one time, every time.

Our partnership with the best sources of tubing, fittings, and accessories guarantees you the right part for the job at the best possible price. We don’t have the high overhead so we can afford to sell for less. But it isn’t about the price - it’s about the service.

Our technical group is ready to prepare custom lengths of precut tubing with fittings attached for your specification. We take the guess work out of tubing cuts. 27% of back pressure problems are related to poor cuts on tubing – we take care of the little things so you can take care of the separation.

Allow us the privilege of evaluating your needs, and providing the spare parts you need to maintain smooth operations. You have our Personal Quality Commitment.