Company Overview

Science. Art. Separation.

Advanced Separations unveils the modern standard in ion chromatography analysis.

The product of more than seventeen years of experience, Advanced Separations is one of the most advanced providers of analytical services and products with a focus in ion analysis. The company's storied history has roots in ExxonMobil, Dionex (now part of Thermo Scientific), and Metrohm. A number of innovations in ion chromatography instrumentation and applications - still in use around the world - were born from the mind of our founder and lead Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Advanced Separations houses an independent full-service laboratory for contract analyses and methods development. Progressive methodologies meld with industry-leading technologies to provide the most correct and precise results. Unparalleled customer service is the platform for our success, while a competitive price structure allows clients on any budget the ability to save time and cut costs. Advanced Separations only works with the world’s leading chromatography companies to provide cutting edge instruments, columns, parts, and accessories to the end user. Service and preventive maintenance, certified standards and reagents, and other quality products add another facet to our capabilities list.

Advanced Separations is a future thinking, extensively trained, technically directed, chromatography specialized company with a broad background in chromatography and laboratory operations. We know the industry. We know how to help other people be successful. We know how to deliver professional, personalized service affordably. It would be an honor to be your primary source of support for your chromatography and general laboratory needs.

Our professional staff looks forward to earning the right to have you as a customer and friend. Become a preferred client - advance in business, advance in life.

Advanced Separations operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards.