Service and Maintenance

Ion Chromatography Service and Maintenance

Sharp chromatograms. Well-defined peaks. Resolved baseline. Complete working system.
Advanced Separations provides the professional care your ion chromatography system deserves.

Let our professionals:
Service your HPLC/IC with our Quality Maintenance Care Program
Provide our Performance Optimization service
Provide IC Chemist training and Answer Technical Questions
Provide up-to-date IC Standards customized for your operations
Provide quality IC Reagents customized to improve your separation
Install new methods, provide method documentation and provide application training to chemists
Optimize and document sample preparation techniques

We work with you on choosing the right column and conditions for the right separation. Our Professional Care and Personalized Service are backed by years of experience.

If you require an independent lab to perform special analytical services, handle your overflow, provide temporary analytical support or analyze the samples you don’t want to run - Advanced Separations can handle it for you.

Services include:
HPLC analysis
Ion Chromatography analysis
Metals analysis by ICP or ICPMS
Wet chemistry analyses
Methods development
Application optimization

Compare our prices. Compare our response times. We complement your existing IC Support and Service Contracts by providing a higher level of professional, personalized care. No lengthy contract to sign - pay as you go.

Other services may be available in select areas - please inquire.